Photo Byte Friday: Black and White

My favorite black and white friends!
My favorite black and white friends!

I’ve been posting “Photo Bytes” for a while now—giving you a glimpse of a destination. Each week, there is a themed photo sharing event called FriFotos, which is just plain fun, so I’m going to start sharing my favorite photos each week based on that particular theme. I hope you enjoy Photo Byte Fridays!

This week’s theme is Black and White. I love photos that are completely devoid of color. There’s something magical about them. They have a timeless quality. They’re a perfectly preserved memory—a captured moment from journeys gone by.

Timeless tranquility in Charleston, South Carolina.

Unwavering oaks of the South.

The journey ahead in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia.

A fleeting sunset kiss in St. Lucia.

I love creating black and white photos of places that hold a lot of history. They’re recognizable. Everyone knows the stories they have to tell. But it’s as if the life has been removed from them, and they stand silent, frozen in a moment.

Alcatraz sits in the San Francisco Bay. This was during the 2013 government shutdown when National Park land was closed, and thus, no one was able to visit the island—which made it all the more eerie. I was able to visit the following year.

The USS Arizona Memorial is anchored over the sunken ship in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time.” -Virgil

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