Charleston: A Love Story

Middleton Place: The Sundial and Rose Garden
Middleton Place: The Sundial and Rose Garden

This fall, I took on some freelance work, which included putting together a road trip guide to coastal South Carolina, with a focus on Charleston, a place that time and time again has been ranked No. 1 for best cities in the U.S. and Canada by Travel & Leisure magazine. I had never experienced the quintessential “South”—the Southern charm, the Spanish moss. The more research I did, the more I realized I had to visit this vibrant city.

Kyle and I made a relatively spur-of-the-moment decision to book tickets to Charleston and Savannah for Thanksgiving. I’d been told you’re either a Charleston person or a Savannah person. I, for one, am certainly a Charleston girl—100%. Although Savannah certainly has its charms, Charleston has this intrinsic blend of vivaciousness and history that you’d be hard pressed to find in many cities.

The best way to tell you about Charleston is to let the city do the talking.

I’ve always been completely captivated by Spanish moss, but have never had the pleasure of seeing it in person. All I could do was stare in awe at the bewildering beauty of the drapery of the South.

What a way to spend Thanksgiving! A visit to two of the most spectacular plantations in the country: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens and Middleton Place.

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I don’t know how the historic downtown pulls it off?! There’s a certain bustle to it. You know it’s the place to be and be seen. There’s an elitist air to it. But then there’s this sense of calm. You know you can linger over a sweet tea or take a leisurely stroll through the market. Everyone is so down-to-earth, and there isn’t a soul who doesn’t welcome you to the city with open arms.

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There is so much beauty in every single detail in this city. It is completely and utterly enchanting.

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And best of all, the South knows how to decorate for the holidays.

Cheers, Charleston, you beautiful city, you!

Stay tuned for more about one of my new favorite cities: What to see, what to do, and best of all, what to eat!

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