Where has Byte-Size been?

Light trails at the Colosseum.

Hi everyone! We just wanted to pop back and let everyone know that Byte-Size Travel is not gone. We’ve just fallen a bit behind after our recent trip (Kim wrote about our recent itinerary¬†here).

If you’ve been following along on our social media accounts (especially Instagram), then you know that we had an amazing time in the Mediterranean. We’ve got some more great pictures that we’ll be sharing and Kyle has enough Landmark History articles to last him quite a while. Speaking of, we wanted to give you a rundown of all the things that are going to be happening here as 2015 comes to an end.

Beautiful door in Mykonos, Greece.

Beautiful door in Mykonos, Greece.

First, we have two more quick trips planned for this year. We’ll be going to Iceland in November and New York City again at Christmastime. Between these trips we’ll be posting more travel articles and sharing our journeys with you.

Kyle has another Digital Escapes article planned (though it may wait until after that trip to Iceland), a few more travel movie reviews, a few videos from previous trips to cut together (Yeah… I’ll get to that eventually) and of course, more Landmark¬†History. Kim will be recapping each city we visited in Europe (11 in 20 days!), and will be sharing her thoughts on what it was like to go back to the city where she lived… five years later. She’s also planning to review her AMAZING new camera, the Sony A6000. Taking nearly 5,000 pictures in Europe was quite the way to break in her new toy!

Arc de Tripmohe, Paris.

Arc de Tripmohe, Paris.

Lastly, this month, Kyle will be making the effort to move our site’s hosting, so expect some downtime one of these weekends coming up. We’re not particularly pleased with our current host as the site is remarkably slow despite Kyle running through lists of best practices to double-check himself, calling our current host’s developer support and running numerous performance checks to track down and squash performance issues. Things have gotten better, but not good enough. We may have some downtime, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it as Byte-Size gets faster than ever before!

Thanks for your patience, and for sticking with us. As always, wishing you safe travels and lots of amazing adventures!

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